Monday, June 15, 2009

-LoVe iS ArouNd uS-

Love is around us
From our inner self to our brotherhood
From parental love to friendship
To love between two soul to one

Love of worldly things to the eternity
Love of people and love of jobs
Love is everywhere

Love come from inside
Channel through veins and nerves

Infected the brains and heart
To have feeling deep inside

Love is wonderful
From inside, it was born
Born as songs, lullaby anyone who hears it
Born as poems as stunning people who admired it
Born as stories, make people cry who saw it

Love is sweet and adorable
But love sometimes can turn out sour and bitter
Love can be as bullet, hurt through body
Love is poison, make people frustration
Love is addicted, force souls desperately need love

Love is needed in life
As love is holy feeling
Whenever there is love, there is success
Whenever there is success, there is prosperity
Love to the One is Ultimate Love

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